Article I Name

The name of this association is the Rocky View Sports Association (RVSA).

Article II Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

To advocate the involvement in school sports as a vital part of youth’s physical and social development and to provide governance for interschool sport activities for middle school and high school in an environment which encourages fair play and equal opportunity.


  1. To organize and promote athletics within Rocky View Schools (RVS) so they are regarded as educational, recreational, and experiences to be encouraged and fostered.
  2. To promote in team members and all other students an awareness that:
    a. Sport is an extension of the educational program.
    b. Athletics foster physical, social, cultural and emotional values of real significance.
    c. The use of banned substances and the misuse of over-the-counter drugs is detrimental to students’ well being.
  3. To foster good sportsmanship, honesty, courtesy and good will among our schools in every branch of inter-school and league competition.
  4. To plan athletic activities in such a way as to cause no great interference with school attendance and activities.
  5. To establish definite standards of supervision with respect to:
    a. Coaching.
    b. Travelling by team and spectators.
    c. Conduct of teams and spectators.
  6. To manage financial revenues and expenses directly associated with the extra-curricular sports program.
  7. To maintain and administer the RVSA constitution, by-laws and policies.
  8. To promote and implement developmentally appropriate practices.


Article III Membership

  1. Membership in the RVSA is open to any RVS middle school, high school, or multi-level school with students in Grades 6 to 12.
  2. Affiliate members include schools outside of RVS that participate in the RVSA high and middle school badminton and track & field programs.


Article IV Organization

  1. The RVSA, established for the purpose of providing leadership and the promotion of middle school and high school sport, is an organization of RVS. The RVSA is an associate, non-voting member of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) and the South Central Zone. The RVSA cannot make motions or vote on behalf of RVS schools.
  2. The governing body of the RVSA consists of:
    a. One administrator from each RVS middle and high school.
    b. Superintendent designate.
    c. Sports coordinator.
    d. Sports commissioners.
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